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FTIRI (Fourier transform infrared imaging)

Spatial distribution of mineral crystallite maturity

Spatial distribution of collagen cross-link ratio at the 6.3 mm spatial level

Read more about FTIRI (Fourier transform infrared imaging)

ATR-FTIR (Attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared)

Attenuated total reflectance FTIR spectroscopy coupled to a flow through chamber for real-time analysis of extracellular matrix in in situ cell cultures.


Spatial distribution of mineral characteristics at the 0.6-1 mm spatial level

Mineral crystallite and collagen fiber orientation
Spatial distributuion of pyridinoline collagen cross-link content

Read more about RAMAN

Cellular & Molecular Biology

Culture of primary cells and established cell lines. Techniques for studying gene expression including gene transfection and reporter gene assay. Analysis of epigenetic DNA methylation. Gene array analysis. Biochemical analysis of proteins including protein-DNA interaction. Cloning and recombinant protein techniques.

Light Microscopy/Histomorphometry

Structural parameters, parameters static bone formation and resorption, dynamic bone formation.

Pathohistological, diagnostic evaluatiof on of bone biopsies.

Read more about Light Microscopy/Histomorphometry

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

3-D fluorescence imaging of labelled bone tissue, cellular structures & cytoskeletal architecture. Imaging of resorption lacunae in in vitro assays.

qBEI (quantitative backscattered electron imaging)

Bone mineral density distribution (BMDD) in a spatially resolved manner at the micrometer-range.

Read more about qBEI (quantitative backscattered electron imaging)

EDX (energy dispersive X-ray micro-analysis)

Elemental composition of bone (sensitivity of quantification 0.1%)

HR-BEI (high resolution backscatter electron imaging)

Visualization of bone matrix in nm-range (limit 4nm)

Scanning SAXS (Small-angle X-ray scattering)

Information of bone mineral crystallites characteristics in a spatially resolved manner at the nanometer range.

Read more about Scanning SAXS (Small-angle X-ray scattering)


Spatial distribution of elastic properties of bone composite. Read more about Nano-Indentation

SASAM (Saarland scanning acoustic microscopy)

Spatially resolved acoustic properties of bone material at the micrometer-range.

Micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) instrument shared with H. Redl

Architecture/structure of mineralized bone sample

Conventional X-ray DXA, CT, MRT, Bone Scan

Clinical diagnosis

Classification and characterization of patients with bone diseases

hierarchy of bone tissue